martes, 17 de diciembre de 2013

Those goddamn rules...

Una vez terminada la versión actual de la historia y trasfondo, es hora de meterse con la madre del cordero: las reglas básicas de Punkapocalyptic the Game. El reglamento post-apocalíptico más letal, divertido y macarra del mundo. Así empieza todo...
Punkapocalyptic is a miniature game that represents skirmishes between gangs in a post-apocalyptic, lethal and tacky world. The game is designed for two or more players with the Punkapocalyptic 28 mm miniature range in mind, which we would like you to use, but there are a lot of other brands that offer 28 mm figures that can be used to represent your fighters. No one will blame you for using them, not even in official tournaments, as long as these miniatures clearly represent their associated combatants. 
This reglament is in constant development and it will be updated and upgraded as time passes by, always free of charge. Your help is very important to achieve this, so you can give your opinions or inform us about any mistake or rules gaps at
What do I need? 
All you need to play Punkapocalyptic is this rulebook, some suitable miniatures (ours are cool!), ten-sided dice, measuring tape, the appropriate gang file for your crew (you can download the files for each gang at our website), a clear, flat surface at least 4 feet long by 4 feet wide, and some scenery. 
Dice rolls 
In Punkapocalyptic you use 10-sided dice, which will be refered as d10 from now on.