domingo, 5 de enero de 2014

Feel the power of my sword!

Se han cumplido 10 de los 45 días de campaña de HeroQuest y el éxito parece bastante claro: se ha recaudado un 252% de la cantidad pedida, para un total de más de 146.000 euros. En esta fase del proceso mi labor se reduce básicamente a traducir FAQs, dudas y temas espinosos como los gastos de envío.

Pero también hay actualizaciones sobre el progreso del juego, por supuesto, como el trabajo en curso de las miniaturas de héroes y monstruos. Ayer pusieron la imagen del Bárbaro con un breve resumen del trasfondo de este héroe icónico de la fantasía medieval.
Forge of Legends: The Barbarian
A story without heroes is like a tree without leaves, so we are working hard for our tree, a deeply rooted one, to be the most lush and green in the woods of dungeon-crawling games. The basic box will include eight heroes very distinct from each other, as well as the fifteen we have to add from the 2nd and 3rd pledge levels. All of them will have their own virtues, but their own flaws as well, to make each character choice more decisive than it usually is. 
Let's take our first hero, for example: the Barbarian, a guy so imposing that he can't be restrained to his own base. We know what you expect from him: to be a tank, a dumb mountain of muscles that charges sword in hand against everything. Face him with a mummy and his hand will not tremble the slightest as he joins the combat, while his companions are frozen with fear. It's a pity that this same resolve prevents him from fleeing a battle, as difficult as it gets for him. It's victory or death
And coming to its miniature, we invite you to compare the previous version, showed in the teaser trailer, with the actual one. The latter is much more developed, although not yet final, as there are still pending details such as the straps holding the shoulder plates, the bracelets, hair, skirt or the fur that hangs from his waist.
Y para mañana día de Reyes, Gamezone anuncia otra sorpresa para los seguidores del proyecto...